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SpeakIT is a listening service that makes it possible for all municipalities, governments, organizations and companies that have websites to increase the accessibility to their information. With the help of our services on your websites, all visitors may have the text read out with the help of synthesized speech.

  • Today, about 10% of the population have a hard time taking in the information on the Internet. This may be because of dyslexia, visual impairment or maybe fine motor skill disability. Surveys have also shown that immigrants have an easier time understanding speech rather than text.
  • We have easy and affordable alternatives to increase accessibility for the large groups in society that today have a hard time taking in information in the form of text.
  • You receive a link from us that you place as a link on your pages, and that’s it! After this is done, your website is connected to the service of your choice and is ready to use. Whenever someone visits the website, they click on the link. The service will start and the user gains access to the listening service.
  • A toolbar and a popup-menu will become visible on the visitor’s screen, allowing them to control what they want to listen to. As a site owner or administrator you also have large options to choose the layout of the service and customize it for the graphical profile of your website.

Try speech on your website!

  • Send us your name and email address and tell us what you are interested in.
  • We will customize a fitting solution for you.
  • Evaluate the service for a month. You are always welcome to contact us if you need help.
  • If you like the service and would like to continue using it, we are happy to make you our customer. If you are not interested in the service, we thank you for your initial interest.

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